What We Do

Helton Chiropractic is known for accepting some of the toughest cases of pain and dysfunction in the region.  We utilize a comprehensive evaluation which includes a detailed history, a thorough physical assessment, and digital X-ray evaluation if needed.  Drawing on clinical experience treating thousands of patients and performing over a hundred thousand chiropractic adjustments, we formulate a plan to not only reduce your pain but improve the root causes that make you hurt.  We’ve treated patients ranging in age from newborn to over 95 years old.  Dr. Helton’s training in disc problems and movement disorders allows him to make recommendations that may not have been available to patients before.  Our treatment tools include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments– Dr. Helton grew up being adjusted in a way that strongly stimulates the nervous system.  He uses:
    • OTZ Method: A treatment focused on adjusting the primary joints connecting the skull to the spine and geared toward frozen shoulder syndrome, chronic neck and headache pain, rib pain, and facial pain.
    • Diversified Technique:  the most widely used style of adjusting the spine.  Firm but done gently.
    • Extremity Adjusting:  We don’t just treat the spine.  The doctors are trained in treating shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems as well as hip, knee, and foot problems. We also treat the TMJ (Jaw) that can cause facial pain and headaches.
    • Thompson Technique: utilizes a specialized table that uses the patient’s body weight to elicit movement in the joints.  Very gentle and safe for patients that have fragile bones or are scared of “popping.”
    • Impulse/Activator Adjusting: A mechanical adjusting tool that has a precise amount of force and depth.  Safe for infants and the elderly and osteoporotic patients. The adjustable force levels make it also great for the typical patient and can loosen up trigger points in muscles.
  • Laser Pain Therapy: We use the Diolase 10 Class IV laser system.  It is a powerful laser 10 times stronger than a “cold” laser.  It penetrates deeply into tissues to reduce pain, promote healing, and reduce spasms. It’s safe and painless and can be used on areas of surgery and implanted such as artificial knees and hips.  It’s relief you can feel with almost immediate changes in your pain and stiffness.
  • Disc Decompression: Utilizing the Triton DTS system, we treat a variety of spinal disc issues such as bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative discs, sciatica and “pinched” nerves of the neck and low back.  DTS uses a computerized traction system that gently pulls and releases pressure on the disc and associated nerves.
  • Therapeutic Exercises: These exercises are used to strengthen and stabilize affected areas.  The goals are to increase pain free range of motion and restore normal skeletal alignment.  These exercises are performed via:
    • ATM2 Pro Rehab: The ATM is a machine using bracing straps to increase pain free range of motion and restore normal alignment. We use the ATM to retrain the brain to allow the body to move without pain and reduce abnormal spinal curvatures and posture.
    • Whole Body Vibration Turbosonic: The Turbosonic uses a vertically vibrating platform to exercise the large muscles of the body without requiring the patient to move.  This stimulates muscles and circulation in the legs and trunk.  It’s exercise without the sweat!
    • Active Exercises: These are various exercises geared towards improving flexibility and stability of affected areas.  Using low tech equipment such as foam rollers, orthotics, and specific home exercises, these activities are done in office with the goal of patients being able to do them at home to continue care outside the office.

Most patients use a variety of therapies along with chiropractic adjustments to not only reduce pain but improve function to stay out of pain and live their lives at their fullest potential.  Helton Chiropractic is a corrective care facility with the purpose of location, correction, and stabilization of abnormal skeletal problems.

Helton Chiropractic also works with a distinguished network of healthcare providers to insure that all conditions are fully managed.  We have referral relationships with:

  • Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists and Pain Management Medical Doctors highly trained in complex spinal and skeletal conditions
  • MRI, CAT scan, and Medical Radiology facilities for specialized imaging of the spine
  • Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and other medical specialists for non-chiropractic conditions
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists for specific rehab and conditioning
  • Massage therapists for therapeutic treatment of the muscles that support the spine.