Red Raider Road Race

Helton Chiropractic is proudly putting together a race team for the Red Raider Road Race on October 11. Don’t worry, we are not worried about setting any records. We just want to get a group of people together to run and have some fun. We will pay your entry fee and provide you with a shirt that says “Helton Chiropractic Race Team.” It will be at the Tech campus and they will have a 5K and 10K course. Please contact us at 797-4000 if you are interested in this. That way we can get enough T-shirts ordered. Hope to see you there.

Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic

One of my most intriguing and sometimes frustrating conditions to treat is shoulder pain. Doing post doctoral training in extremity adjusting has helped me make greater strides in helping more patients but there are so many different aspects of shoulder pain. The shoulder’s flexibility and range of motion is its biggest downfall too. The scapula, clavicle, humerus, ribs, and even the neck can make up part of shoulder pain. The muscles of the shoulder, and more specifically, the rotator cuff muscles can also be a frustratingly painful part of shoulder pain. Rarely is just one part of the shoulder involved in pain. I’ve noticed that most people have a muscle imbalance along with a joint fixation causing loss of motion and pain in the shoulder. Chiropractors such as myself use specific adjustments to restore motion. But, if the muscle imbalance is not addressed properly, pain will return fairly quickly. In my office, I use a combination of targeted exercises, specific manipulations, and deep tissue/myofascial release to fully address the complex issues of the shoulder.