Turbosonic Whole Body Vibration

Helton Chiropractic is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest piece of advanced equipment. The Turbosonic Vibration Therapy Trainer is now in the office and available for use.

Through TurboSonic exercise, you can improve your strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility without the constraints of conventional exercise.

General Training: Improving body balance, flexibility and circulation Using TurboSonic, the same effect of regular aerobic exercises can be accomplished with a maximum effect of exercise with a minimum amount of time, compared to other exercise methods.

Strength Training : Increasing muscle strength TurboSonic stimulates fast twitch muscle fiber to produce powerful muscles. Proportion and ability of such fast-twitch muscle fiber acts as an element that helps to decide the outcome of a race for athletes requiring extra power for a short amount of time, such as athletes at running, jumping and throwing sports. Exercise using TurboSonic also improves endurance of muscle, which is caused by stimulating the production of growth hormone to improve the function of slow twitch muscle fiber.

Diet and Beauty Clinic: Easy-to-use and effective for people who dislike exercising TurboSonic accelerates blood circulation and lymph drainage, strengthens collagen and stimulates the release of growth hormone (GH), ultimately, helping in the fight against cellulite. Whole body vibration prompts intestinal movement and improves the overall function of the intestinal tract. WBV also reduces excessive body fat by increasing the recruitment of body fat during exercise and maintains the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the function of the connective tissues and the body’s circulatory system.

Rehabilitation : Minimizing stress on the body TurboSonic prevents the loss of muscular strength that occurs after surgery, which is generally due to lack of exercise during recovery period. WBV maintains the physique and improves lymph and blood circulation to promote recovery. TurboSonic is being widely used by many athletes in their rehabilitation process to maximize their recovery and because it also enables a total body workout, for a maximum rehabilitation treatment.

Revitalization : Anti-aging TurboSonic promotes secretion of serotonin (a hormone that gives a sense of happiness), Neurotrophine (a hormone that stimulates brain activity), Testosterone (a male hormone), HGH and IGF-1 (growth hormones). This can help the elderly achieve a healthy recovery and a more active lifestyle. TurboSonic helps prevent ageing (removed elderly) by improving blood circulation, digestion and flexibility, while delaying the progress of various illnesses, such as, degenerative arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis. All this helps to promote a more active lifestyle.
The sessions are done fully clothed, take only 10 minutes and are in a private room. If you are under care for a musculoskeletal condition, your insurance may cover all or part of the treatments. Come experience the latest in exercise in Lubbock.

ADHD helped with chiropractic

In the October 2004 issue of the peer-reviewed research publication, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), comes a case study of a child with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), who was helped with chiropractic.
The case was of a 5 year old boy who had been diagnosed with ADHD at age 2. The child’s pediatrician prescribed methylphenidate (Ritalin), Adderall, and Haldol for the next 3 years. The combination of drugs was unsuccessful in helping the child.
At age 5 the child was brought to a chiropractor to see if chiropractic care would help. The history taken at that time noted that during the child’s birth, there were complications during his delivery process. The results of this trauma and complications resulted in a 4-day stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. The child’s mother reported no other incidence of trauma.
The chiropractic examination and x-rays showed noticeable spinal distortion including a reversal of the normal neck curve indicative of subluxations. Chiropractic care was begun and the child’s progress was monitored.
According to his mother, positive changes in her son’s general behavior were noticed around the twelfth visit. By the 27th visit the patient had experienced considerable improvement.
The child was brought by the mother to the medical doctor for a follow up visit and questioned the usage of the Ritalin. The medical doctor reviewed and examined the child and based on that assessment and his clinical experience, the MD felt that the young boy was no longer exhibiting symptoms associated with ADHD. He then took the boy off the medications that he had been taking for 3 years.
The conclusion of the author of the JMPT case study noted, “The patient experienced significant reduction in symptoms. Additionally, the medical doctor concluded that the reduction in symptoms was significant enough to discontinue the medication.”

*The above was taken from http://www.chiropracticresearch.com/

Even more research has been published in the Journal of Vetebral Subluxation Research that show Chiropractic care can improve the symptoms of learning disabilities.