Acupuncture sinus success story

Jeannie Speed Harlan Thank you Dr. Helton for the accupuncture session on my sinuses. My head was clearing and ears were popping before I left the parking lot. My head stayed clear all week. I reccommed this to anyone with sinus problems. Thank you again!

Laser Therapy now available in Levelland Clinic

We had another great week at Helton Chiropractic in Lubbock and Levelland. Our Vectra “cold” laser finally arrived for our Levelland office. Dr. Marin will be able to use the laser next week. It’s extremely effective for soft tissue injuries. The laser has been used effectively for knee pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, heel spurs and even skin injuries. Dr. Marin has had specific training on different protocols for laser treatment of the body. Both offices are now fully equipped with Decompression Therapy, ATM motion rehab, Laser, and physiotherapies.