Why all moms need chiropractic!

This picture of Laura and her two beautiful kids was taken yesterday while she was in for her adjustment. This is a common sight in my office. New moms carrying a 12 lb baby in an 8 lb car seat with a 10lb diaper bag/purse and the occasional older sibling on the other arm. That’s 50 extra pounds hanging off of her in various ways and none in an orthopedically correct way! Add the breastfeeding, and loading and unloading all of them into the car and you have a recipe for problems. Headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica and hip pain are the most common problems I see. We’re here to help you handle those stresses and still feel great. Find out if we can help you too!


Holiday Hints from Dr. Helton

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..as long as you feel well!  I’ve already begun to see Christmas decoration injuries from hanging lights and lifting trees.  During the holidays, we drive too much, we sit too much, we eat too much, we stand too much, we don’t sleep enough, exercise enough or drink enough to compensate.   As we get ready to spend time with family and friends, some simple steps will make it a less painful season.

1.  Drink water like crazy!  Heaters, fireplaces, and cold weather makes everything dry out.  Alcohol and caffeine will also dry you out.  How much should you drink?  Divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces of water as a minimum.  If you weigh 150lbs you need at least 75oz of water per day.

2.  Go for a walk.  Whether it’s in a park or at the mall, walking keeps blood clots from forming, it warms up the muscles and it burns off a little fudge and cookies.

3.  Take a break from the current activity.  Sit after standing, stand after sitting, go for a quick walk every hour of driving or TV watching.

4.  Make sleep a priority.  Shoot for 8 hours a night.  Limit naps to 45 minutes or less so it doesn’t affect your sleep at night.

5.  Eat your veggies…and your fruit.  It cleans out the system that is abused by high carb and fat diets.

6.  Most important: make time for yourself.  Get away from everyone and everything for at least a little while each day.

Make it a priority this year to have fun and stay safe.  Take your vitamins, drink your water, and of course keep your body functioning well with your chiropractic adjustment!