OTZ Adjustment Changing Lives

Meet Aleisha:  she’s been a great patient and friend for over 10 years since an auto accidentIMG_4109. She’s a personal trainer and puts her body to the test on a daily basis. She’s had chronic rib, shoulder, and scapular pain since the accident. I’ve used laser, e-stim, myofascial release and specific focused adjustments with good results but the pain would return with hardcore workouts. After my training from OTZ Methods, I adjusted her a few weeks ago. I didn’t just adjust her, I ROCKED that spine. With ONE adjustment I changed TEN years of chronic pain. Watch Aleisha’s Video

Cleanse: Days 12-14 “On the road”

This past weekend, days 12-14, my associate doctors and I were in Denver, CO for training.  I’d asked Mandy to come with me to see Denver and also help us survive being away from home and on the cleanse.  It was tough but we did really well.  We’d decided that we were going to eat “well” for our one meal and not eat dairy or breads.  Friday, we were in a rush going to the airport and had a half-made smoothie.  While I was in training classes, Mandy found a Whole Foods and went to find some snacks and clean food to eat.  We quickly realized that it was much easier to eat clean when you’re in a city with a Whole Foods or similar grocery store.  She found the absolute best almond milk in Whole Food’s 365 brand of almond milk. It’s very rich and creamy.  She also found some great crackers that were clean and tasted like a cracker.  Their hummus was incredible too.  We snacked appropriately and saved our meal for dinner which was a looooong stretch.  We ate at Steuben’s in Denver and had almond trout, a great arugula and watermelon salad, and the only bad food was corn on the cob.  Oh it was good.

Saturday, we did a similar plan of drinking shakes for the first 2 meals and saving our other meal for dinner.  We also rented bikes and rode the Cherry Creek trail in Denver and had a blast.  REI had a great clean Almond/apple trail mix that was in clean guidelines.  For dinner…..well….we ate…we ate well…we ate decadently.  The food we ate was good food…well prepared and I just didn’t feel bad about eating it.  I highly recommend Linger restaurant in Denver.  We both had a bit of bloating but nothing too bad.

We returned early today, Sunday, and went back strict.  We had a large salad with grilled chicken and lots of vegetables.  Tonight, we had a shake.  Two weeks down and I’m finally feeling a little more focused.  My brain was just not in gear last week.  I lost my wallet for a day, then lost my driver’s license, and just had a lot of trouble with short term memory.  I’m glad we’re in the final week.  My biggest cravings are for drinks.  I miss my Coke Zero.  I really miss my cup of coffee in the morning.  I’m not addicted to caffeine…I just love a cup of coffee in the morning.  I also miss my eggs and toast in the morning.

So, in summary, I’m surviving.  I’ve become aware of how much I mindlessly snacked or “finished” my girls’ food when they’d eaten.  I’ve finally gotten my “mental acuity” back.  The cons: I’m still not sleeping well…at all.  I’m also feeling tired a lot.  I don’t know if I’m getting enough calories.  I felt better when I ate well in Denver.  Two thirds of the way there and only one more weekend to get through.  Tomorrow is a new day!