True Cause of Shoulder Pain

Dr. Helton with Dr. Francis Murphy founder of OTZ Health

Dr. Helton with Dr. Francis Murphy founder of OTZ Health

40 million people suffer from frozen shoulder syndrome. Traditional treatment is painful, long and often not successful. I spent the weekend in Dallas Tx learning from Dr Francis Murphy, Dr Michael Hall, and Dr Louis D’Amico and Dr Murphy’s intern Matt how to determine the true cause of frozen shoulder. The basics can be summed up by this, if your head is not sitting on your neck right, nothing is going to function at its best. There’s a nerve that exits the brain that controls one of the main muscles of the neck and shoulder. An abnormal tilt of your head can impinge that nerve causing it to misfire and the obvious result is a decrease in function of the shoulder.

Not so obvious issues are decreased rib and diaphragm function leading to shallow breathing causing fatigue and cardiac problems. As the brain tries to keep our eyes level, it twists and torques the neck and rest of the body to keep us from falling over. This leads to poor posture with terrible tension headaches, upper back and chest pain, which alters sleep, and overloads us with stress. This is especially  common in women as they make up the majority of frozen shoulder patients.

I learned how to find and correct the root joint problem in the two joints that connect the head to the neck. We also learned how to follow the trail from top to bottom and clear out the secondary problems that come about from the altered function and motion of that most primary joint. Problems like rib and sternal (chest) fixations, mid back tension and pain and ultimately the entire body as it accommodates the head sitting wrong on the neck. Amazing stuff I’m excited about using monday morning on my patients.

I had dozens of patients I thought about during this seminar and how I could hopefully make a bigger change in their life.

Bulletproof Diet Update

Happy Valentines Day!  Hope you all are having a great day with the ones you love.  At Helton Chiropractic in Lubbock, we did some intensive spring cleaning yesterday.  To thank all the staff who helped out and cleaned and organized, I bought us West Crust Pizza.  West Crust has delicious pizza and a gluten free crust.  Sadly….they were sold out of gluten free so we had their regular crust.  After the first slice, I started sneezing.  After the second slice, I was so full feeling that I was done.  Within about 6 hours, my face was puffier and I could feel puffiness in my fingers and abdomen.  This morning, I was famished, swollen, and craving carbs.  It was a really great exercise in seeing what I’m intolerant of.  I’d heard the words “food hangover” before but I was really feeling it today.

So now I know, I am gluten sensitive.  I will definitely get West Crust Pizza again…but it will have to be gluten free crust.  Many of my cravings are lessened.  I still have a strooooong desire for a Coke Zero.  Sweets aren’t nearly as big a craving and neither is bread for the most part.  In summary….enjoy your day and your sweets with your sweetie….but really pay attention to how you feel afterwards.