Bulging and Herniated Disc treatment in Lubbock

I’ve had several people comment lately on how they’d love to refer someone to see me for treatment but aren’t sure if I could help them because “they have a bulging disc.” One thing they don’t realize is that I’m an expert in bulging and herniated discs. I am a Certified Decompression Therapy Practitioner through the Kennedy Decompression Technique. This training has allowed me to fully evaluate disc problems in the neck and low back and the proper course of treatment. Several other chiropractors in town have decompression tables but no other doctor has as much training as I do in using the tables effectively. The decompression tables allow me to take pressure off the discs and thus take pressure off of spinal nerves. The treatment is practically pain-free and highly effective. I frequently get referrals for treatment from medical doctors such as pain specialists, general practitioners, and even neurosurgeons. I get referrals from them because I am thorough in my evaluation and straightforward in my care. If I don’t think I can help a person, I won’t waste their time or money. If you or someone you know has a bulging disc, let me see if I can help them before they begin using dangerous drugs or undergo surgery.

Helton Chiropractic of Levelland

We’re proud to announce the planned opening of Helton Chiropractic of Levelland. This practice has been in the making for the past year and is finally getting ready to open. We’ve got the location available but don’t plan on having a grand opening until August 24, 2009. We’ve got Dr. Greg Marin as our clinic doctor. Rosa Comacho is our chiropractic assistant and a resident of Levelland. We will have full service corrective chiropractic care including ATM Rehab, Triton DTS Decompression, and corrective chiropractic care with xray analysis. We look forward to serving the community of Levelland with full time modern chiropractic care. Our clinic phone number is (806) 894-7000. Our website for Levelland is www.806Back.com