Your SmartPhone is Killing Your Neck!

I used to say that half of my practice was made up of people with neck pain.  Of those people, I’d say half were from accidents or injuries and half were from posture.  Well, posture is taking over.  Especially with smart phones and people texting, reading, tweeting, and browsing on their smart phone.  As that head moves forward, the pressure on your neck increases because your head is like a twelve pound bowling ball sitting on the end of a flexible stick.  Gravity pulls it down and the force is more the more it sits in front of your body.  Hold your head up….take a break from the phone.  Great link here

Bulging and Herniated Disc Treatment in Lubbock

Since becoming certified in the Kennedy Decompression Technique in 2007, I’ve treated hundreds of patients with disc problems ranging from herniated and bulging discs to degenerative discs and sciatica.  I’ve used the Triton DTS non-surgical disc decompression table exclusively due to its ease of use and ability to treat both neck and low back conditions.  Now, I’m excited to add Diolase 10 Class IV Laser Pain Therapy to this treatment.  The Class IV laser is a non-invasive, pain-

Diolase 10 Laser Pain Therapy

free therapy that can be used on practically any patient.  Fusion plates and screws? Not a problem.  Implanted stimulator?  No problem.  The laser not only helps reduce pain but also helps to promote healing of the tissue and reduce muscle spasm.  The laser along with the decompression provide an extra option for people suffering from back pain, disc pain, and failed back surgery syndrome.  Lately, I’ve been treating patients who’ve already had at least one back surgery but still have the same or nearly the same pain as before surgery.  Patients have felt like there was no hope for them since they’d already tried surgery, injections, pain medication, physical therapy, and even other chiropractors.  Proper evaluation and use of the decompression table, Class IV laser pain therapy, chiropractic treatment, and focused strengthening exercises has allowed me to help patients who may have not been able to get relief before.