OTZ Adjustment Changing Lives

Meet Aleisha:  she’s been a great patient and friend for over 10 years since an auto accidentIMG_4109. She’s a personal trainer and puts her body to the test on a daily basis. She’s had chronic rib, shoulder, and scapular pain since the accident. I’ve used laser, e-stim, myofascial release and specific focused adjustments with good results but the pain would return with hardcore workouts. After my training from OTZ Methods, I adjusted her a few weeks ago. I didn’t just adjust her, I ROCKED that spine. With ONE adjustment I changed TEN years of chronic pain. Watch Aleisha’s Video

Bulletproof Diet day 6

Today is a “protein fast” day.  Very little protein so I ummmm protein loaded last night.  We ate at Rain Uptown with some family.  I had the ribeye with foi gras and broccolini.  Mandy had the lamb shanks.  We had a side of their squash and zucchini too.  Wow….it was great.  Best of all, completely stuffed without that bloated belly feeling.  Side note, the live music guitarist was incredible.  So I’ve worked out the last couple of days and am feeling great.  My joints are not aching and I’m working out pretty hard.  About an hour after the workouts I’m pretty dead since I’m carb depleted.  I’m also sleeping like a champ but having some really epic weird and vivid dreams.  Part of this diet is it provides the fats your brain needs.  So maybe my brain is getting some good stuff too.  One week weigh in tomorrow.