Cleanse Day 18: Feeling Better and Needed it Today

Down to the last few days of the cleanse and I’m FINALLY feeling pretty good.  I’ll admit I’m ready to be off the cleanse.  I miss some foods and their flavor.  I miss ketchup and coffee and crunchy salty foods like chips and roasted almonds or cashews.  I felt pretty good overall today and it was a good day for it.  Started off the day with a full office meeting including Levelland clinic and had a great meeting talking about ways to improve our patients’ experiences in our office.  It was fun going around to each staff member and asking them about a patient we’ve helped in the last few weeks.

I also was using the laser like crazy today.  I treated shoulders, feet, hips, and necks today.  I did have an extremely interesting case today of a 14 year old with symptoms like a 50 year old.  I’m treating the plantar fasciitis but really excited about getting the patient to a healthier state overall.  We’ve also seen a ton of people come in to do the Turbosonic whole body vibration.  The patients who are doing it are loving it.  Just getting the supercharged circulation in the legs is worth the time on the machine.  Tomorrow marks the last weekend I have to go through for the cleanse.  I’m enjoying the weight loss, the allergy relief, and the improved blood pressure.

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