Certified Kennedy Decompression Technique

In November 2007, I received my certification in Decompression Therapy. Having done the Non -Surgical disc decompression for approximately 18 months and seeing good but not great results, I realized that I may need more training than the standard Chattanooga training on the DTS. Dr. Kennedy’s course is a condensed version of his 20 years of using this therapy on disc patients. Simply put, it made me much more effective in not only identifying who would benefit from the Decompression therapy, but also who wouldn’t and what might help the other types of patients. His course laid bare some of the failures of the Chiropractic dogma as it relates to treating most cases with only manipulation. It’s a fact, not every patient benefits from the adjustment. No matter your philosophical leanings, every DC has had cases that absolutely did not respond to adjustments. Dr. Kennedy reveals why certain patients are like this and what would best benefit. He also explained why all the hype from different Decompression table companies such as the DRX 9000, Chattanooga DTS, Vax D, et. al. is simply fluff. People “drink the kool-aid” as he puts it. The table is not magic. There’s no hocus pocus or space age technology. The tables are just vastly different in price but not in function. The difference is the skill of the Doctor. The classification of the patient regarding disc compression, motion disorders, facet syndrome, core instability or a combination of the whole bunch is essential to getting patients out of pain. Since taking the course and becoming certified, I’ve become a better clinician with better outcomes and better patient satisfaction. I’ve become more confident that when I put a patient with a disc problem on the table, they are going to see results. Not every time of course, but much more often than previous. I’ve seen the greatest results in severe headache pain with a referred pain into the shoulder or rhomboid area. I’ve dealt with these patients for years with limited success. Since November, I’ve had 10 patients or so with debilitating headaches and severe neck pain and pain in the shoulder blade area have almost complete resolution in pain after 1 treatment. This relief lasts for a day or 2 initially, but, after a series of treatments, relief has been measured months. Surprisingly enough, the majority of these patients have not received any chiropractic adjustments. Their problem isn’t a chiropractic subluxation problem. It’s a disc compression syndrome that, once treated properly, responds very quickly and efficiently.

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